Even with the latest Coronavirus pandemic, many people still do not fully understand the benefits of using a high-quality hand sanitiser and the effects it can have on your hands. Not so long ago these products were often considered as skin irritants because of the alcohol they contain.


High-quality hand sanitisers can remove up to 99.9 per cent of germs on the hands. That’s a lot of germs, as it’s estimated that the average person has upwards of 5 million bacteria on their hands at any time, if they do not wash them correctly. Hand sanitisers provide us with a very quick and simple solution to remove germs from our hands.

How do had sanitisers work?

Hand sanitiser with 60 per cent or more alcohol destroy pathogens by breaking their proteins and cells apart from the inside Hand sanitiser with lower amounts or no alcohol also kill a large number of invading pathogens but are not effective against some like Covid-19.

How and when should you use a hand sanitiser?

The most effective thing to destroy germs and viruses is soap and clean water, if this is not available, then a hand sanitiser with at least 60 per cent alcohol can destroy germs and help prevent the spread of bacteria, sickness and viruses. Just apply about half a tsp of hand sanitiser to the palm of your hand then rub both hands together until the sanitiser dries

The top benefits of hand sanitisers are:

  • Portability

Hand sanitisers greatest benefit is its portability and useability. They usually come in small  bottles that can be carried in a bag or pocket, making them very convenient to use. Often a small amount can be decanted into a small bottle to carry anywhere you go

  • Quick and easy to use

You don’t need to find freshwater to wash your hands or a towel to dry your hands after so they are quicker than washing with soap and water

  • Cleanliness

Studies have shown that people who often use hand sanitisers are less likely to suffer from stomach disorders and infections as a quality hand sanitiser is one of the best ways to keep your hands clean.

  • Perfect for crowded areas

In crowded areas, such as in schools, on public transport, in the office, workplace or markets germs can freely pass from person to person another as people handle objects such as door handles, rails, money and objects for sale. It’s very easy to place sanitising bottles in convenient places, so everyone present has the opportunity to frequently sanitise their hand.

It’s also important that this is done when entering and leaving an area as well as often during the course of your day

  • Helps to improve job performance

By using a hand sanitiser frequently during the day it makes you much less likely to catch a virus or sickness so reduces the likelihood of missing work. Money very frequently changes hands, so it is vital that those handling money have the opportunity to use a hand sanitiser close to all transaction areas for both staff and customers to use.

There is no doubt that using a hand sanitiser has multiple benefit for everyone and should be made available in all places people are to prevent germs.