A common question we get asked is, what is the different between Just Saniiser hand sanitiser and the competition? Well, there are a few, these being:

  1. The first main difference is that we actually sell hand sanitiser. Now, that may sound like an obvious thing to say but beleive it or not, there a companies out there watering down their hand sanitiser to dangerous levels below what is safe. This obviously endangers people’s lives. 
  2. We sell just sanitiser and nothing else. We have followed the world health organisation’s mix suggestions to the letter and to provde that we actually state it in our ingredients. That mix is Ethanol 80%, Glycerol 1.45%, and Hydrogen peroxide 0.125%. 
  3. We supply a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This is proof not only that we have nothing to hide but that also we take safety seriously. 

At Just Sanitiser, whilst we recognise that demand is outstripping supply right now, we also wanted to ensure that we supply a quality product that fit for purpose.

With so much going on right now with COVID19, the quality of your hand sanitiser should be a given. Unfortunately with so many out there trying to make a quick buck, quality is taking a back seat.

Before you buy hand sanitiser, ensure that you ask for their MSDS to ensure that you are buying from a quality business professional that is committed to delivering fit for purpose product.  

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