Just Sanitiser is a wholly owned and operated Australian company dedicated to providing a high quality undiluted hand sanitising product for all Australians everywhere. We are a dedicated team priding ourselves on our high standards. We only produce, distribute and sell top quality hand sanitising products direct to the consumer, with no middle man taking a percentage so we can offer to the Australian people the best possible sanitiser products at the best possible prices.

We process your order straight away and dispatch it without delay, so it arrives right when you need it at any location nationwide.

Our business is to help you remain safe and help to fight off the corona virus and any other virus that may pose a danger to the health and lives of all Australians by providing you with the very best hand sanitiser on the market.

Our Clients

Our clients are normal, everyday Australians who are looking for a very safe and totally effective and easily affordable hand sanitiser that is delivered straight to them within the shortest possible time.

We cater for orders of all sizes, including single items that are safe and ideal for in home use, at the office, for taking to school, while traveling on public or private transport or in the car.

We also cater for large orders that are ideal for all types of social gatherings where people mingle such as sports clubs, social centers, church groups, schools, clubs, bars, private functions and parties, in fact, in any type of situation where people gather and require an effective, convenient fast acting and cost effective solution to protect and ensure everyone is safe.

Commercial Clients

We can supply the hand sanitising needs of all government, as well as local bodies, councils and commercial enterprises. We also supply universities, schools, libraries, day care facilities as well as café’s, restaurants, public and private transport operators, movie theatres, amusement arcades, shops, malls and markets.

Our Goals

  • To offer an affordable hand sanitiser to all Australians everywhere
  • To provide a product that meets all World Health Origination and Australian health standards and guidelines
  • To keep up with the latest worldwide developments in the sanitizing industry
  • Provide a product that is safe, effective and affordable
  • Apply the latest clinically safe techniques in our product development
  • Follow accepted ethical and quality standards
  • Stand by our products with 1005 quality guarantees
  • Be totally and environmentally safe
  • Be open, honest and trustworthy in all our dealings
  • Be an industry leader
  • Have the highest possible customer service and public relations
  • Provide an effective distribution system to deliver our sanitiser straight to our customers, especially, when they are in isolation or quarantine conditions